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Quoting David Cox (davidalbertcox at gmail.com):

> I think I'll leave it until January when I know I can come down and
> make the most of it.

You might even find that Ubuntu or Kubuntu netbook edition is so 
incredibly easy to install that you need no help whatsoever.  If you 
have the ability to burn CDR and DVD-recordable disks _and_ you have
an external, USB-connectable optical drive to boot from, then here's
all you need:

Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix CD:

Kubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix DVD (slightly too big for CDR):

Alternatively, you can install Ubuntu from _within_ MS-Windows, just by 
downloading an running a utility called Wubi.  (Your netbook must
have Internet access, because Wubi.exe essentially reformats your
netbook's storage and installs Ubuntu off the Internet.)  Info:

Kubuntu can likewise be installed using the same Wubi installer from
inside MS-Windows.  Here is information about how to do that:

I personally think every Linux user should possess reinstallation media
for his/her Linux distribution.  You never know when you might want/need
to do a fresh install, and having media means you can do that.

Of course, your installation media can certainly be a USB flash drive,
instead.  Here's full instructions for installing Ubuntu from one of those:
(Notice that you need to download the distribution CD/DVD-image file,
called an "iso image".  The page essentially describes how to install
a bootable Ubuntu installation to the flash drive from MS-Windows, or
from Mac OS X, or from Linux.)

The exact same method will suffice to install Kubuntu.

I hope that helps.

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