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Quoting David Cox (davidalbertcox at gmail.com):

> Wow - what a goldmine of info.
> I appreciate it.
> I'll have a go at doing the 'from-within-MS/Windows' online method.

The thing I _really_ dislike about Wubi installations, and I apologise
for not mentioning it beforehand (I'm rusty with Wubi, as I don't use
it) is that it creates a disk image _file_ within your NTFS partition,
i.e., it's not a fully native OS.  (I.e., Linux does not have its own
partitions.)  MS-Windows will still be present on your system as a sort
of dual boot option, but in fact remains the primary OS.  More about that:


Personally, I'd use one of the other methods, and you should strongly
consider those if your aim is to _replace_ MS-Windows.  Wubi is
essentially a convenience to "try" Linux without dedicating a partition
to it.

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