[conspire] CD/DVD media [was Re: Installfest in Fremont]

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Aug 17 13:36:16 PDT 2009

>> Myself, I'm mostly switching to DVD+Rs instead of CD-Rs (since they
>> are almost as cheap and way faster) but I'm finding DVD media even
>> more sensitive to scratches so I have to be even more careful about
>> who handles them and how.
> Also note that all CD-R are not equal to scratching too, the color tint of
> the CD can give an idea
> no color ? poor dye layer
> Gold is usually used in conjunction of of a good quality dye, but not
> always. (on the read side not on the label side ...)

Good to know

Is color any indicator on DVD media?

> Markers (those we all use for our CDs) can damage the layer as the ink could
> make it to the data layer.

Really?  I've occasionally used those permanent markers with the
permanent marker solvent and it seems to have stayed on the surface.

> Also Oxygen can reach the reflective layer, silver and aluminum corrodes,
> damaging the reflective layer (keep you CD-R in a safe...).

Wrap your CD holder in tinfoil?  (Make it into a hat for added amusement?)

Put your CD folder in ziplock?

> There is usually no way to know if the manufacturer have added a protective
> coating to resist scratch or if your CD are scratch prone, ...

Somebody's probably selling some of that high-tech plastic that's used
to protect helicopter blades and ipods pre-cut into adhesive disks

> just a question
> of luck.

Or, if you generally buy the cheapest ones like I do, less a question of luck.


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