[conspire] Jarritos and CD/DVD media [was Re: Installfest in Fremont]

Jean Philippe Granchi granchijp at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 11:49:03 PDT 2009

Tony Godshall wrote:
> ...
>> ...  (It's disappointing to find that so many of the
>> discs seem to have been mishandled and gotten damaged.  Please help me
>> in the future by being careful with my discs.)
> The media is cheap which is perhaps why many disrespect them but of
> course that's not cool because there is labor involved- not just to
> re-burn but to locate the image etc.
> Myself, I'm mostly switching to DVD+Rs instead of CD-Rs (since they
> are almost as cheap and way faster) but I'm finding DVD media even
> more sensitive to scratches so I have to be even more careful about
> who handles them and how.

Also note that all CD-R are not equal to scratching too, the color tint 
of the CD can give an idea
no color ? poor dye layer
Gold is usually used in conjunction of of a good quality dye, but not 
always. (on the read side not on the label side ...)

Markers (those we all use for our CDs) can damage the layer as the ink 
could make it to the data layer.

Also Oxygen can reach the reflective layer, silver and aluminum 
corrodes, damaging the reflective layer (keep you CD-R in a safe...).

There is usually no way to know if the manufacturer have added a 
protective coating to resist scratch or if your CD are scratch prone, 
just a question of luck.

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