[conspire] Jarritos and CD/DVD media [was Re: Installfest in Fremont]

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Aug 17 11:02:13 PDT 2009

> I was actually sort of worn out and hot, so I stopped at a Mexican
> market on the way home to stock up on Jarritos, ...

What kind of Jarritos?  I'm partial to the tamarindo and the limon
(lime) myself.

> ...  (It's disappointing to find that so many of the
> discs seem to have been mishandled and gotten damaged.  Please help me
> in the future by being careful with my discs.)

The media is cheap which is perhaps why many disrespect them but of
course that's not cool because there is labor involved- not just to
re-burn but to locate the image etc.

Myself, I'm mostly switching to DVD+Rs instead of CD-Rs (since they
are almost as cheap and way faster) but I'm finding DVD media even
more sensitive to scratches so I have to be even more careful about
who handles them and how.

Best Regards.

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