[conspire] curious as to why Seagate would offer a 1.5T external hard drive with only USB 2.0

Darlene Wallach freepalestin at dslextreme.com
Sun Apr 12 21:44:19 PDT 2009


On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Mark Weisler
<mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us> wrote:
> On Sunday 12 April 2009 14:25:43 Darlene Wallach wrote:
>> Costco has a 1.5T Seagate brand external hard drive. The enclosure
>> only has USB 2.0.
>> Costco also has a Western Digital MyBook external hard drive. The
>> enclosure has USB 2.0,  firewire 400, and eSata.
>> Too bad Seagate doesn't offer an enclosure with choices. Are they just
>> keeping costs down?
>> I'm assuming firewire 400 and eSata would be faster than USB 2.0.
>> Darlene Wallach
> I've had good luck recently buying MacAlly external enclosures and then
> picking the drive I like (Seagate). You may remember when a member of our
> community researched the chipsets in the MacAlly enclosures and found them
> quite compatible with Linux. My experience bears that out. Personally I would
> rather buy a MacAlly and a Seagate for a few dollars more and get the good
> components than get a ready made external drive.

When I bought the 400G external hard drive a few years ago I bought a
MacAlly enclosure for it. I agree with your points about your
experience. It just seemed $139 for a 1.5T Seagate drive with a 5-year
warranty is a good deal. When I buy another external hard drive, I'll
most likely buy a Seagate and an MacAlly enclosure.

Thank you for your comments.

Darlene Wallach

> http://macally.com
> OTOH, the stuff at Costco might work for you and might be cost-effective.
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