[conspire] Installing onto a new HP laptop

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Quoting Benjamin Runkle (benrunkle77 at gmail.com):

> My laptop model is:
> HP Pavilion dv2819nr

The reason I asked is that researching the constituent chipsets can
often help spot problem driver areas in advance.  I'm pretty good at
researching hardware, but hit a brick wall in researching this model,
which tells me it's probably very new.  (Also, HP is much less
cooperative in publishing meaningful details of chipsets than many other
manufacturers.)  My results:

HP Pavilion model dv2819nr
CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60, 2GHz
Video: Nvidia GeForce 7150M, 1071MB graphics memory.
RAM:  DDR2 SDRAM 200-pin SODIMMs, 667 MHz, 2 sockets.  Max RAM 4GB.

Researching the Nvidia model 7150M, I see signs that you will want to
stick to a really recent Linux distribution release, in order to have
the latest X.org software (the part of any Linux distribution that does 
graphics hardware support).  Tell your helpers that, if the "nv" driver
doesn't work, switching to the "vesa" driver will.

Sorry to not be able to give you better advice, but that's all I have to
work with.

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