[conspire] Fleeting notoriety

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 19 13:51:21 PDT 2008

A couple of months back, some damnfool created
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Moen .

On 2008-03-12 03:07 UTC, I marked the article with the
Wikipedia:Proposed deletion template -- and put the following on the
related Talk page:

I am the subject of this article:  Rick Moen, rick at linuxmafia.com, tel.
+1 (1) 650-283-7902.  Although not personally a Wikipedian, I'm a
friendly observer and frequent user.

I'm proposing article deletion through the "Wikipedia:Proposed deletion"
process for uncontroversial candidates, for deletion after five days if
nobody objects, on WP:N grounds.

1.  The data cited in the article do not constitute encyclopaedic
notability, as they do not show the "significant coverage in reliable
sources" required by WP:N to establish general notability.  Within the
rather narrow publicity circle of Linux and open source, the article
subject (yr. humble servant) has had coverage, but not the _significant_
coverage required.

2.  The data cited are severely compromised by transgressing the
"independent of the subject" clause of WP:N's general notability
guideline, as substantively all of the works cited were not only
"produced by those affiliated with the subject", but were written by the
subject himself.

3.  One of the major data cited is inaccurate in the direction of
exaggeration:  Yr. humble servant did not "contribute the Linux User
Group HOWTO to the Linux Documentation Project", but rather merely
assumed maintenance of that document when its actual creator, Kendall
Clark, no longer could do so.

-- Rick M.

On 2008-03-17 03:07 UTC, it thus became fair game for deletion, and
eventually was disposed of.

(Folks, don't create vanity Wikipedia pages about me.  Thanks.)

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