[conspire] Preparing dual-boot system

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 22 19:49:14 PST 2008

Quoting David Fox (dfox94085 at gmail.com):

> Usually I use 'growisofs" for making DVDs. No real reason why, other
> than that dvd support in cdrecord under Debian (at the time I had
> first used it) seemed lacking altogher, and my fingers have been
> trained to use various permutations of 'growisofs -dvd-compat
> -dvd-video -Z /dev/hdd /tmp/something_that_resembles_a_dvd_image'.

Same here (on RHEL, Debian, etc.), but mostly because alternatives
seemed to have much higher failure percentages.

> Of course, nothing is preventing you from using cdrecord (or wodim)
> directly, although typing or shell-tabbing a bunch of filenames to
> burn gets tiresome after a time -- and I've done it that way numerous
> times as well.

Well, I usually just mkisofs a tree rather than a buch of filenames, and
then either rely on configured cdrecord defaults or use a shell script
to provide the right flags, etc., depending on the system.

> There's plenty of back-and-forth going on between Joerg & various
> debian users over in debian-user's mailing list.  In case you're
> interested :).

Oh, I'm sure there is.

FWIW, the cdrkit developers _were_ correct, in my view, about cdrtools's 
recently licensing (parts CDDL, others GPL) being self-contradictory and
thus not appropriate for Debian or others to redistribute.

> In particular wrt cdrecord: there has always been a disclaimer, in the
> distribution's binaries, about how not to contact the author with
> bugs, but to contact the distro people instead, claiming that there
> can be breakage, and to use Slowlaris if you really have problems.
> Thankfully, I haven't. :)

For a real laugh, download the source code to Solaris's SCCS utility,
likewise maintained by Schilling.  It _too_ includes the trademark
Schilling rant against Linux device addressing -- a bit incongruous in a
version-control system.

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