[conspire] newbie question on file permissions of home directory

K Sandoval indigo.kai at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 13:56:05 PST 2008

Let me preface my question with I am a newbie...

I have a spare hard drive. I have Ubuntu 7-04 installed on it and
everything was running fine.
I was reading one of my Ubuntu how to books and the author suggested
changing the permissions on the home directory.
(Big Mistake, I have learned my lesson dont change file permissions
until you KNOW What you are doing)


Well I did that and now I can not boot into the GNOME.  I can boot
into the command line as user "student".

I am receiving the following error message.
"The GNOME session manager was unable to lock the file
'/home/student/.ICDauthority' please report this as a GNOME bug.
Sometimes this error may occur if the file directory is unwritabgle
you could try logging in via the fail safe session and ensure that it

I have attempted to login using both fail safe session options (GNOME
and command line) and I receive the exact same error message.

Is there some way to switch the permissions on the /home/student/
folder back to what it was.

1) Owner
Folder: Create and Delete
File access:  ----

2) Group Student
Folder: Access files
File access:  ----

Other Users
Folder: Acess files
File access:  ---

and Execute - Allow executing files as program.

- Kai


Ms.Kai Sandoval


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