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Excellent George! :) Will you please cc me if he decides to attend? I'd
like to witness that one.
On Thu, 31 Jan 2008 16:43:39 -0800, "George Pope" <gpope at pcmagic.net>
>       I think your resistance to Linux hurts your column. When I finally
>       got Ubunto I swore off MS Windows and I am no young command line
>       hacker.
>       Invitation: why not you or a member of your staff come to an
>       installafest at one of our user groups http://linuxmafia.com/
>       (Palo Alto)
>       or Silicon Valley Lunux User Group
>       http://www.svlug.org/ (Sunnyvale). These are very important to the
>       computing world. Your readers would greatly benefit from your
>       reporting on these groups. Come to think of it there there must be
>       good NYC Linux user groups that more convenient to you.
>       Please let me know if you want to do a story out here.


Rupert Murdoch has clearly issued a diktat: The Wall Street Journal must
now cater to the Slashdot crowd. And Andy Jordan has simperingly
scampered to obey. On the front of WSJ.com's Technology section: "Andy
Jordan hangs out at a LAN party, where caffeine-fueled videogamers
battle till the wee hours of the morning." Jordan follows the pasty
gamers to the local deli, hears from the lone Mac user who unplugs a
comrade's computer after getting killed in-game, and finds out who
consumes seemingly 90 percent of all energy drinks. This is the kind of
high-level reporting we expect from the paper with which Murdoch hopes
to beat the New York Times. Here's the video:
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