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Bruce wrote...

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> I was shocked yesterday when the other Best Buy manager refunded my money to my credit card. I would have preferred a temporary loss of laptop. Having bothered to order it in the first place. I certainly consider the whole thing a big negative against all the guilty parties. 
> Wasn't the Scott Peterson case another conviction without real proof ? 
IIRC they found the bodies and there was motivation but not absolute
certain proof that Scott did it.
I don't know if Scott ever admitted to anything.

>I suspect the prosecutor knows he
>doesn't really need to prove beyond reasonable doubt. Didn't the infamous prisoners and guards experiment 
>take place in that county ? 

I believe you mean the famous experiment done by Zimbardo at Stanford...
It's an absolute classic. The films and documentaries on it are spooky
(at least to me). When it started it was regarded by some undergrads as
slightly comedic but quickly turned serious and then had to be
Authorities assure me that this experiment would not now receive
approval from the bodies that approve of research and experimentation

>People who've read "The Irony of Democracy" know that only those weirdo lefty professors actually believe in due >process. 
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