[conspire] Racy Pictures and printers.

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 7 15:50:10 PST 2008

1st, primarily for Daniel; how does one turn on an hp
laserjet4m+ - excepting the method by which one shows
it racy pictures on the internet ?

Does anyone have experience swapping out heads in
canon inkjets like the ip3000 or i850 ? Those use the
same print head ? I'm still trying to get some handle
on the costs and outrageous speed expectations of my
users. One bright point is discovering that some
Laserjet4 models only did 4ppm. The "intolerably" slow
s400 photo with its great resolution can go faster. Do
email me if you wanna help with more of my printer
madness at an installfest or I won't bring the

I've discovered the lowest continuing cost printers.
My Reverend Friend dumped his hp lasers on me because
he got a Phaser 850. Thats only 14ppm but they still
honor the promise that black solids = free + shipping.
Sure those color solids cost money and its big but I
can't beat free+shipping as the continuing cost of
grayscale printing. His business does not appear to
"NEED" the 20+ ppm my USERS DEMAND. [ yet another
warning about doing tech for yer kin.] 

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