[conspire] font used for Ubuntu's "linux for human beings"?

Dan Martinez dfm at razorwind.org
Tue Oct 9 14:09:44 PDT 2007

Eric DeMund wrote:

> Are there any font heads in the house?

I'm a... recovering font head, I suppose.

> I'm looking for the font that the Ubuntu project uses to create the
> words "linux for human beings" in the official Ubuntu strap line. I'm
> interested in producing some jewelcase inserts for Ubuntu, but can't
> find mention of that font anywhere. (It is not "ttf-ubuntu-title", by
> the way. That font is only used for the word "ubuntu" and not the phrase
> "linux for human beings" in UbuntuStrapLogo.png.)
> Here's the image I'm looking at:
> o   Logo with strap line
>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=UbuntuStrapLogo.png

My first guess was that this is "VAG Rounded". Close, but no cigar:


The absence of a terminal on the lowercase 'a', or a descender on the
lowercase 'u', are dead giveaways.

After poking around some more, I ready to tentatively conclude that
it's Arial Rounded. The 'a', the 'u', and the distinctively flattened
top of the 'f' all match. I can't spot any differences. If it's not an
*exact* match, it's certainly good enough to fool all but the most
hardened expert.



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