[conspire] Suppressed post from volunteers at lists.svlug.org

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 20:17:13 PST 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 6:40 PM, Alvin Oga <alvin at mail.linux-consulting.com> wrote:
> > do virtualization on as well.  Any solutions that don't give us
> > virtualization aren't solutions.
> whomever has time can do all that work ... i consider it useless

Hey that's a piss-poor volunteer attitude if I ever saw one.  Try this instead:
"I don't know enough about virtualization to be of much value here, but
I'm always interested in learning and will help how I can to make it
work for SVLUG"

> community voted that svlug.org belongs in its own names
> and registration at svlug.org is its email contact info is assumed
> until this is fixed, it is your democratically elected duty to
> make that change as someone that can make it happen for the community

Um "belongs in its own names"?  huh?

but still... Horse puckey.  That "vote" happened way before I was elected, and
evidently the previous administration didn't get it complied with to
your satisfaction
before they departed?  Just as I've refuted this same assertion in the
past, I'll refute
it again now - the vote was about being part of SBAY or not, and not
about our damned
registration info.

SVLUG's no longer under SBAY - that's what was voted on.  That's been
done.  And,
Heather fully complied w/ Reeds requests and HE then failed to follow
through - and
one of the first things I did as President was to ensure the DNS setup is safe.

Heather's gone to lengths to ensure SVLUG will have those domain names forever.

While I welcome you to share your recollections with us, I don't welcome you to
repeatedly ignore people's feedback regarding what actually happened when it's
at odds with your recollection.  Please, be a man enough to recognize
the potential
situation where you're mistaken.

> svlug policy does NOT disappear or change or can be ignored

Interesting supposition... totally without foundation, but interesting
none the less.

I'll go back to the difference between:
"we vote not to become a 501c3" ...and...
"we vote never to become a 501c3"

Don't EVEN try'n make the first one look like the second one.  I won't
let you.

But even if you COULD show me a "never" vote... I'd assert they didn't
have the authority to make decisions about "forever", but rather only
to make decisions about what they wanted to do or not do THEN.

> > To the best of my knowledge and understanding, after disconnecting
> > from SBAY, the previous administration did not lay down any new rules
> > - no charter, no bylaws, or anything like that.
> policy predates sbay attempted hijacaking of svlug.org/com/net

Produce documents.  Put up or shut up.  QUICK - 'cause I'm not waiting.
Otherwise, you're just puffing your chest and reminiscing about what used to be.

> > > the problem is .. who decides that its an acceptable solution
> > The officers.
> wrong, the volunteers that has do the shitwork ...

Wrong.  The officers that have to do the shitwork the other volunteers
won't even touch.
...But that's heading down your detour... no thanks - I'll RE-ANSWER:
Wrong - Ultimately, the responsibility and blame ends up on the
officers, so the authority's
gotta end up there too.    Certain things are simply not up for
discussion, and an oversight
committee is one of them.  No dice.

> > Alternative: give SVLUG 3 "Branches" - executive, legislative,
> > judicial, and do the checks-n-balances
> bull crap... its just a lug ... not president of usa

Hey it was YOUR idea that someone should be doing checks-n-balances
-not mine - of COURSE that'd be too much - likewise, your idea is too
much.  As you say - "bull crap... it's just a lug" - we don't need
any"acceptable solution or not" hall-monitor crossing-guard types
watching over our officers or volunteers shoulders.

> everybody cares that nothing gets done ... all volunteer efforts
> are "shit canned"

More horse puckey.  Show me details - how many efforts did I
personally squelch?  NONE.  How many efforts did individual volunteers
decide to squelch through their own inactivity?  or their own lack of
coordination with other volunteers?  SOME...  but that's neither a
problem nor an indication of a problem - it's the normal state of
affairs for a lug.

Helpful volunteer:  I think we should do ABC
Me: Awesome idea - go for it! let's do it!
<months pass>
Helpful volunteer:  Paul's been ignoring my advice - we haven't done ABC

...Just peachy, huh?  Helpful volunteer gets to (1) look good (2) still support
the idea of ABC but do no work on it, and (3) blame me for no
progress.  Woo hoo.

>         - i probably should go look at the wiki, but i'm just making
>         a dumb statement and dumb assumption

Yup.... check the wiki.  Mostly other people's input... and I hope
it'll stay that way.

Ya know... even in the midst of all this political horse-puckey, I'm
still left with the resounding
feeling that SVLUG will continue to do great things and will become a
much more active, influential,
and rubber-meets-the-road type organization going foward.

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