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Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Nov 29 18:40:55 PST 2007

hi ya paul

this is is too long ... :-0

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> Stuff 2 do:
> - stay involved with the kernel walkthru planning - your input was awesome
that's ez enuff to do byt larry started that input

- the probelm with most folks is they do not understand the
  difference between system boot from kernel installing itself

> - help build new platforms/hosts that can be used to take over for the
> ailing old mailinglist server, and

trivial to do .. if time is available
	- 30min to install .. but..
	- spend the next few hrs toconfigure
	- spend a day to cpy old svlug into new svlug

> do virtualization on as well.  Any solutions that don't give us
> virtualization aren't solutions.

whomever has time can do all that work ... i consider it useless
work since upon shutdown or power failure, most all of the info
is lost and you have to build it again ... or scriptize the new
virtual host to power up correctly
> - don't focus on what others should/shouldn't do - just DO stuff
> yourself for SVLUG if you're into it, or not.
always did ... including ignoring you

> Name mentions:
> - Actually you get CREDIT this time!   Thanks - you must've manually
> added my email address to your posting to CONSPIRE yourself?  'cause I

wasn't me ...

> Rick's chosen to use conspire to share a BCC of one of the few posts
> Darlene sent me which I moderated.

people can say what they want about anything to each other

it be nice to cc the culprit.. but its not always needed
as it may start a flamewar

> OK... On SVLUG, and Volunteering and getting stuff done.


> My preference for how to manage volunteer gripes is to manage them
> privately and NOT share their issues with the entire list - regardless
> if it's about gripes, scheduling, other volunteers, misperceptions, or
> whatever.

with that strategy ..  you can see what's happened to your "volunteers" ...

> Interesting misunderstanding of things.  Marks explanation to ME of
> why he's stepping aside was that he's overloaded with his day job...

aka a polite answer that would be given by anybody and everybody

> > more importantly, paul seems to ignore the community's wants/desires
> Absolutely Freaking NOT!!!
of coourse ... 

> community:  Hey, SVLUG Prez, we want XYZ

community voted that svlug.org belongs in its own names
and registration at svlug.org is its email contact info is assumed

until this is fixed, it is your democratically elected duty to
make that change as someone that can make it happen for the community

> I'm all about meeting the communities needs 

see above

> You'd better hurry - not gonna let this linger very long.
svlug policy does NOT disappear or change or can be ignored

> To the best of my knowledge and understanding, after disconnecting
> from SBAY, the previous administration did not lay down any new rules
> - no charter, no bylaws, or anything like that.

policy predates sbay attempted hijacaking of svlug.org/com/net

> > its better to talk specifics instead of riddles and "coverups"
> Agreed.   Anyone who says I'm covering _anything_ up should really get
> a life; this is JUST a LUG!

> > the problem is .. who decides that its an acceptable solution
> The officers.

wrong, the volunteers that has do the shitwork ...

> Alternative: give SVLUG 3 "Branches" - executive, legislative,
> judicial, and do the checks-n-balances

bull crap... its just a lug ... not president of usa

> > this is not a dictatorship
> You're right.  Dictators can just kill the people that irritate them,
> whereas I get to...

and now those killed off are all gone ... that have been around
since day 1 of svlug .. most of them left in the past year

> Am I really being a heinous dictator when I ask that SVLUG volunteers
> work politely with others, on-list and off?

nobody cares how its "asked"

everybody cares that nothing gets done ... all volunteer efforts
are "shit canned"

yeah...  you can and did the kernel thing ... but thats you doing the stuff
and not many volunteer contributions

	- i probably should go look at the wiki, but i'm just making
	a dumb statement and dumb assumption 

c ya

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