[conspire] SBAY offlist posting syndorme from Paul

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 12:30:39 PST 2007

SBAY offlist posting syndorme from Paul

I've saved some weird postings from Paul , it looks like he's channeling Ian K. minus the "really helping" comments .  Which makes some sense as he's obviously not really helping in some of them . 
...3. Re: Suppressed post from volunteers at lists.svlug.org (Rick Moen).....making decisions with VP
Mark Weisler is a rather outrageous sham, as Reiber has consistently
ignored his VP's recommendations or simply not consulted him in the
first place, with the result that Mark Weisler tendered his resignation
this morning.  (He didn't really single out...

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