[conspire] Kubuntu Parted Question (Tony Godshall)

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 18:47:33 PST 2007

Step 0: allocate 0g to any and all buntu family distributions on your drive.

Dump legacy OS's partitions early on the drive.
Put current or max possible g of ram +999m size swap partition late on drive, late-ish if using many partitions.

locate the distro handling grub early-ish so you boot just a little faster, still applicable when just using many partitions.

Consider all other distributions first because if you ever suffer an important problem with a diagnosis difficulty beyond the trivial - you will get shouted down by FANBOIs preventing any serious work on the issue for literally years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Specifically try real live + installer in one single disk distributions like PClinuxOS, #1 on distrowatch's 6 mo. scale now unless you look in the wrong place like certain google employees, and the new MEPIS betas, warren just abandoned ubuntu as a source of reliabe code. 

And - NO - I refuse to waste my time arguing at buntu FANBOYs! The buntu's will never get to a ready for the desktop state until after they really do accomodate the cheapest hd's from Fry's and non-commandline sysadmin. When your distro causes partition wipe outs with approximately a 2 week delay you EARN a BAD reputation. And I WILL toss your "distribution" for just one "permissions error" too; no matter how much pro sysadmin's FEEL superusers should go around changing permissions!

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