[conspire] Trouble-free PCI wireless card for Linux?

Adam Cozzette mystagor at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 16 17:30:45 PST 2007


My mother and step-father recently called the Geek
Squad to fix a problem with our Internet connection,
and while the geeks were here they also installed a
new Apple Airport Express with a wireless repeater,
and they enabled the encryption on it. (One of the
geeks said it was "WAP encryption," but I'm wondering
if he meant "WPA." I don't know enough about it to
tell.) I can't complain about having the encryption
now, but I've been having trouble trying to configure
my Linux box with it. I've been using an Airlink 101
AWLH3026 PCI wireless card (Ralink RT2561 chipset),
but I've had problems with the driver module crashing
the kernel, especially while trying to enable the
encryption. (As far as I know, the driver hasn't made
it into the official kernel yet, which might explain
the instability.) I'd like to try to find a new
wireless card as a quick fix so that I can get back to
using my computer rather than borrowing my
grandmother's Windows box.

So, I was wondering if any of you have any
recommendations for a wireless card that is easy to
find and configure (with the encryption
aforementioned), and hopefully not too expensive. If
any of you have a used one you could sell me, that
would be great, too.


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