[conspire] Installing Kubuntu on imac

de Runtz, Lars lars_deruntz at moduslink.com
Fri Nov 9 08:28:04 PST 2007

> How can I erase the Hd and start over?

Can you try Command+Option+P+R  at powerup, to zap the parameter memory?
You'll here a reboot tone, to let you know you've zapped it.  This
should reset the NVRAM.  I've heard a tale to do that 4 times, to make
sure all of the parameter memory is cleared, but not really sure how
valid that is.

You could also try Command+Option+O+F at powerup, to get into the Open
Firware.  From there, there are commands to boot via CD (maybe as simple
as "boot cdrom", but possibly needing some other very strange
arguments), erase the NVRAM, etc.  Best bet is to Google Open Firware to
learn more about its Fourth language commands, or at least I think it is


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