[conspire] got gxine and xine working to play real media files

Peter Knaggs peter.knaggs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:38:37 PDT 2007

On 8/27/07, Darlene Wallach <freepalestin at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> Peter,
> I finally got gxine and xine to play real media files
> so I don't have to use realplayer!
> I have SELinux enabled with a "targeted" policy.
> I got the following summaries:
> SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/gxine from loading
> /usr/lib/codecs/drv3.so.6.0
> which requires text relocation.

Ulrich Drepper has spent time to write up a nice explanation:



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