[conspire] sound prob Ensoniq ES1371 on Fedora 7

David Fox dfox94085 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 21:03:39 PDT 2007

> I figure my sound card is supported since I see evidence
> of it being recognized in the various output of cli
> commands and in the log files I've checked.

It should be, but I'm unfamiliar with Ensoniq (I use Soundblaster/Creative
Live these days). If the card is PCI it shouldn't  be difficult to have
native support for
it already. If it is ISA, then all bets are off. I once attempted to get an
ISA based sound card to work for Bruce. I wasn't entirely successful, I
don't recall - maybe I was :).

I used to have an ISA card (Mozart chipset) years ago. At first, getting
support was only possible through proprietary sound drivers (which I gladly
paid for, only $20 yearly) since they worked well. Eventually it became
unnecessary (about the time I switched to Mandrake, from Red Hat).

My recommendation is similar, it seems, to Heather's. Rather than attempt to
get your sound card to work with YouTube straightaway, try to see if the
card itself is supported. Try playing a test wav or mp3 file with the
available tools, such as mplayer, or even more low-level, try 'play' from a
command line with a wav or mp3 file (play is a common-enough alias/symlink
for an incarnation of 'sox'. If your card is supported, you should be
getting some output when you do this. Even if you can't hear anything, there
is a sign that the card is working (otherwise you'd get cryptic kernel
messages, :"device not found", that sort of thing. If it looks like the file
is playing, the next thing to do is to check your mixer settings, cabling of
sound card output (are the cables going to the right device -- is that
output device working, that sort of thing).
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