[conspire] Fedora Core password help

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Sep 20 21:41:13 PDT 2006

without destroying root password:

follow the steps to get in in single user mode
do not change the root password--

you're already in as root.
edit /etc/password and copy the line for the root
user to the bottom of the file and change the
name field from root to some name of your choice.
do the same with the /etc/shadow file (change permissions before and 
su - as the newly created user
change that user's password.

you should be able to reboot and log in as the new user.
remove the new user when done as a matter of politeness.

On Sep 20, 2006, at 9:11 PM, jim stockford wrote:

> This destroys the old root password:
> one way is at boot time, at the GRUB menu,
> hit the space bar to stop the loading process,
> use the arrows to select the kernel to boot up,
> type the 'e' key to enter edit mode,
> move the cursor to the end of the line and enter " s"
> (note the space char before the 's')
> type the 'b' key to start the boot process
> the machine comes up in single user mode, you
> can't do much, but you can change the root password
> and then reboot your choice of kernel and runlevel
> and you own the machine.
> hope that is a help.
> On Sep 20, 2006, at 4:09 PM, Bill Lazar wrote:
>> A few months ago one of our developers was visiting from Israel and
>> set up a PC with FC. I need to wipe our files (not necessarily the
>> OS) off the machine. Unfortunately he is doing a month of active
>> service with the IDF and difficult to contact.
>> So my question is: Is there is a way for me to get around the login
>> password?
>> Thanks,
>> Bill
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