[conspire] SunWah Linux

gpope at pcmagic.net gpope at pcmagic.net
Sun Sep 10 23:38:48 PDT 2006

I sent the earlier SunWah message without benefit of rereading. If possible 
please post the following in its place.

Last night I mentioned my brief encounter with a SunWah representative at 
Linux World. I've just had another .look at Mingbao Lui's business card, 
Ph.D CEO thinking that maybe we should invite this person to make a 
presentation at one of our Linux Mafia meetings. Didn't realize at the time 
that this unassuming young man was quite so high powered. He is based in 
Beijing but may be able either to come by when in the neighborhood or send 


We were talking about foreign developers by passing N America and chasing
S American and Asian markets. At come point I recounted how friend who is a 
senior midlevel account manager for one of the big three accounting firms 
complained about language (and cultural) difficulties supervising a big 
project working with his mostly Asian team. 

When I asked could this be pointing you to an Asian posting? he replied "now 
that is an interesting question." 

Please let me know if you would like more about how they do linux and 
perceive these markets etc. 

george pope 

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