[conspire] hd reliability , maxtor etc.

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 13:02:52 PDT 2006

 Oxford Semiconductor 911 chipset,
universally the only way to go for PATA-to-FW400 bridging, as in an
enclosure. When i last went looking for one, such enclosures could be
obtained for ~$40 apiece, but I understand that prices have gone up since
then. Also worth mentioning is the Oxford Semiconductor 912 chipset, for
PATA-to-FW800 bridging, which I believe to be backward-compatible.

Booting OS X from FW is dead-easy and you don't really need to know
anything you don't already know for that. This isn't quite so with any
other OS, including OS 9.

When looking for a cheaper hard disk, do yourself a favor and consider the
brands Maxtor and Western Digital to be off-limits, no matter how much
cheaper they may be. Also, when getting a large hard disk, one one has the
potential of being forced to deal with LBA48 issues, but with the Oxford
911 chipset, you magically don't have to worry about any of that.

Those issues nearly had me sending more than one good drive back . Will you run it 24/7 ? 
does it claim only 14 0's of reliability vs the standard of 15 + . re-mentioning - none of my Maxtor ever failed on me not even when i got one because it failed someone else who re-bought before it came back rma, my fuji only failed after abuse when i shook it hard after realizing its just too tiny , and the 160g  replacement WD sent is plenty good but i need to get the 80g off to them as it has too many bad sectors about 8g into the drive for w98 to use anything straddling that bad region . 

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