[conspire] Server A to Serber B (ftp access) backup

Stephan Seelig sseelig at greenalabs.com
Tue Oct 3 14:14:42 PDT 2006

Hi Guys,

first if somebody needs a clue about raid 1 system and 3ware controller
I am nearly an expert now. :-)
Ok here my problem.
I want to do a backup form Server A to Server B. problem: I only have
access over ftp. I tried gftp but it didn't copy the folders
recursively, thats not wright it copied all folder but not the files in
it. anyway I tried to find another way to make an automatic backup and
somebody told me that rsync would be a great thing. so this is very hard
to learn and to understand.
this is my rsyncd.conf:
uid = myuser
gid = mygroup
max connections = 5
syslog facility = daemon
pid file = /var/run/rsyncd.pid
path = /home/Backup
comment = automated backup
read only = false

Or is there another way. The backup should be done every day preferable
at midnight.
Can you help me out?
greetz Stephan

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