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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 03:39:23 PST 2006

My Canon Printers were working well under PCLinuxOS.92 and the 3.4 simply MEPIS didn't print .pdf files - no matter what! Now I'm back to MEPIS with the 601 DVD because printing is botched on the PCLinuxOS.93a disk. According to the PCLinuxOS forums, other distributions are getting in trouble too "despite" the help HP and IBM are giving to make their hardware work better under Linux. 

I'm all for some improvements and plan to start using the easy remastering features of the newer kernels; but, I'm outraged when my old printer stops working well. I won't pay for forced updates from microsoft or anybody else. 
Just trying to figure out where to try to fix up your printing gets difficult in .93a.
I'm looking at this print stuff because we can't get decent prints of some pictures when nearly identical pictures look fine. CA schoolkids will suffer slightly if we can't get the color printing done for the backs of these cards the E.V.'s will use somehow. 

Also EBLUG's installfest is coming up and I'm having trouble w broadband so if someone else also goes there with disks - that would help them.

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