[conspire] Own your very own uncle-enzo (K6 vintage)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 25 01:01:58 PST 2006

Want to own _my_ Internet server?  uncle-enzo.linuxmafia.com -- the
Second, that is -- is yours, if you want it.  Right now.

486 Days

The very _first_ linuxmafia.com (uncle-enzo) server was a 486DX2/66
EISA/VLB box, running various Slackware, Red Hat, etc. builds.  It had
a very long service life.   Someone else adopted it, years ago.

The K6

Enzo the Second was an AMD K6/233 with 292 mighty megabytes of CAS2
(fast!) PC100 SDRAM, my very best keyboard (a classic Northgate Ultra),
two 3Com ethernet cards, a Creative Labs Soundblaster Pro, a large,
cool-running, solid tower case, and a heavy-duty PC Power and Cooling
power supply.  CABAListas will know this in its recent role as my
installfest server and CD-burner box.  (I've thrown in a Microsoft
serial mouse and IDE drive.  Nice ATI video card but no monitor.  CD
drive, but no CDR.)

The K6 is the machine currently up for adoption:  It's just outside our
kitchen in CABAL's traditional freebies spot.  Anyone who comes, this
Saturday, is welcome to take it (or earlier by arrangement -- call me).
Please do, or this piece of history will get dumpstered.

After cleaning and checking all the hardware, I did a test install of 
Debian 3.1 (netinst CD) -- which worked great.  Debian doesn't currently
boot because the netinst had only a 686 SMP kernel, which is no go on
K6.  You'll probably just install your own:  The point is that all parts
are quality gear and known-good.

Today's Enzo

Enzo the Third is the _current_ server:  VA Research model 500 2U box,
Intel N400BX "Nightshade" motherboard, PIII/500, 256MB SDRAM, 2 x 9GB
SCSI-2 drives -- soon to migrate to Enzo Four, a VA Linux model 2030 2U
box, Intel L440GX+ "Lancewood" motherboard, PIII/833, dunno how much
RAM, and a few large U320 SCSI drives.

CABAL attendees will see a new 17" LCD display on the kitchen table. 
(Use where needed.)  All three of the old 17" tube-type monster monitors 
are now gone.  (Yay!)

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