[conspire] Breezy Badger Blackbox WM

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Jan 14 16:55:12 PST 2006

Quoting John Andrews (jla1200 at netzero.net):

> Does anyone have experience with the Blackbox window manager?I've read a few 
> articles about it. It's very minimalist but you can use added packages to 
> customise it to your own liking.I heard about one feature called the slit.I 
> also notice that it is available using kynaptic along with several other 
> packages BB and ?.but not in synaptic.

Heh, small world.  I'm running Blackbox on a laptop for customer-related 
work, because it's necessary to remotely run a particular Solaris X11
application whose process terminates if you are running any window
manager other than Blackbox or Fluxbox.  (I suspect the app is reliant
on some behaviour specific to CDE/Motif.)

Unfortunately for you, I don't know a lot about Blackbox other than its
basic functions.  (I run it without any parts of GNOME in memory.)

> I also tried the dash shell .

That's the "DOS-Approximation SHell", right?  

I was going to say "Why?", until I realised that it would sound as if I
was telling you not to experiment, or as if you needed to defend your
choices.  Of course, you _should_ experiment, and are not answerable to
anyone.  Many people like zsh, for example.  BSD people tend to be csh
bigots -- and I'm a bash bigot.

I can't really answer questions about "dash", per se, since I've never
used it -- and I doubt that most people here do, either.  But I could be

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