[conspire] Installing Dapper on PPC FW Drive

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Sun Dec 31 13:18:07 PST 2006

I wanted to install Ubuntu on a Fw enclosure HD. It's a G3 400mhz 384  
mb ram . I put Tiger on its own new internal Hd and it runs pretty  
good. I do not want to put Ubuntu on the Tiger drive so I bought a  
used 20gb drive to play around with in the FW enclosure.So far I have  
erased the old drive using the disk utility. There is still about 19  
mb left on the 20 gb drive. What is that? I was thinking it was the  
boot sector or something. YOU CAN NOT READ IT IN THE FINDER.
	Maybe I should save myself a lot of trouble and put the old 20 gb  
internally and install  Ubuntu that way. Then  remove it and use it  
in the FW drive.
I wanted to have 2 root partitions, 1 swap and 1/home  
partition.Should I make it root1-swap2-root3-home4. Do I have to make  
boot partitions or will the installer do that if I just create the 4  
other partitions?
	Are there any problems getting the PPC Fw to boot . Should I use  
Dapper or the newer one? It's actually quite easy to exchange the  
internal Hd on a slot loading imac. I did it in 20-30 minutes and I  
had never taken an imac apart before.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

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