[conspire] Ubuntu 6.10 [was Re: ... distro news]

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 22:38:18 PST 2006

While Debian bigots^W enthusiasts and other techno-illuminati seem to
be looking at Ubuntu a bit sideways, I've got to say, it's one heck of
a solid distro.

I've got it running on a number of machines, from really underpowered
to grossly overpowered, and... it just WORKS.

I've installed and used a boatload of distros over the years, and
Ubuntu has given me less grief than any of the others.  Yes, a good
part of that is because it's got good solid Debian underpinnings. And,
yes, a good part of that is because Linux in general is getting more
and more solid.  But many distros are still weak in their installers,
or weak (or nonexistent) with their support model, or both... and
Ubuntu seems to have those aspects nailed.

It's my "goto distro" for Installfests - odds are, it'll work on
whatever hardware people bring in, and odds are, if it doesn't, there
will be something on the web detailing how to make it work.

I'm still a fan of Debian (and even of RH and SuSE for that matter)
for servers... but for the desktop, Ubuntu's got them all beat.

Rick's assessment that the bug count reflects more on the user base
than the software is spot on, and to be expected - _whichever_ release
is deemed 'most user friendly' will of course attract the more
hapless/helpless users.


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