[conspire] Tiger & G3 imac

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Tue Dec 12 21:24:44 PST 2006

This is a little off topic but I just put Os Tiger on the G3 imac and  
it really rocks. It boots up from pushing the button in about 45  
secs. Ubuntu takes 90 secs.Tiger's got a more sophisticated feel to  
it. I mean everything just works. It's almost too good. There's not  
as much to tweak on. It runs pretty well for 400 ghz and 384 mhz ram.
	I probably know  more about computers than I used to know,  using  
Linux and the terminal etc.. The under laying file system and  
terminal  seems more complicated on Tiger.There's an added level of  
complexity and stuff compared to the Linux tree. How do they create  
that finder stuff as compared to BSD.
	I'm going to use the firewire drive to try Debian etch and  the new  
ubuntu ppc and not f around with the Tiger installation.

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