[conspire] money dance

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Dec 12 20:07:02 PST 2006

Quoting George Pope (gpope at pcmagic.net):

> For my purposes on line banking and bill paying, synchronizing such
> records, budgeting scheduling payments are features that look helpful
> (http://moneydance.com/):

Pretty popular proprietary (and cross-platform) Java app.

> Can it be integrated into Kubuntu? without incurring as Rick cautions -
> "risky or problematic things (like using third-party package
> sources)..(without)..magical self-correction from the OS.

Some say yes:
Some say no:

One thing's for sure:  Your system's package-tracking software (apt-get
and friends) won't know it's there, and can't check its dependencies,
which I assume include some version of Sun's Java Runtime Environment 
(JRE) for Linux.  Since Moneydance would thus remain outside your
package regime, you have to take care of any upgrade needs, or breakage
caused by other things getting upgraded.  (Normally, that's not a big
problem; I'm just being thorough.)
> What else should I be looking at?

Gnucash, KMyMoney, Kapital[1].  (If you don't see them listed in
available packages, they might be in the universe or multiverse
collections.)  More options here:

If you want to try one thing first, try Gnucash.

[1] Kapital is proprietary, like just about everything from TheKompany:

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