[conspire] HP Pavilion 6623 (AMD K6-2 500 ... Works fine w KUbuntu - Thanks

Hereon hereon1 at fastmail.us
Sun Aug 13 20:10:01 PDT 2006

Thanks Eirc & Rick -

Rick gave me a 6G HD (& mouse), & helped me get Kubuntu installed.

It took about an hour for the installer to finish installing from cd.

(Rick - was that a 386 version?  Is there a K6 optimized KUbuntu that
might operate faster?)

I dl'd firefox, & checked several web pages, & maps.google.com - worked

It seems about 1/4 to 1/3  the speed of my 1GHZ (& same RAM) laptop -
just a rough guess there.  I'd originally expected it to seem faster -
maybe there is some optimization I could do, but that's not a high
prioity for me right now.

[Performance Monitor - kSysGuard - seemed to use about 25% of cpu. -
which seemed higher than I was expecting - Also about 5-10%? for X with
TOP used less - about 5-10%??? - I dont recall for sure.
maps.google took about 5-8 sec per page - map + sat image.

I was very tired at the end of a long day, so those recalled #'s might
be inaccurate memories, but I am sure it seemed slower that I was
expecting - but perhaps I've just forgotten how slow < 1GHx boxes are!

I might give it to a friend, or use it as an Apache server for a project
I'm working on.

Thanks again! :)
  hereon1 at fastmail.us

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