[conspire] adding Linux to a box

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 13:14:35 PDT 2005

just dropped distro 12 on my hd, its simply MEPIS
3.3.2 test 3 and looks good so far but didn't test
print or k3b yet, the bittorrent client & other
internet stuff seems fine. Viewed the humorous, not
for minors, foamy ill will rant from the hurricane
zone - highly recommended. I also recommend kaNOTix
2005.03 and the latest knoppix dvd seemed fine. Step
0= defrag the windows partition you will use before
running QTparted, I have never had trouble this way.
You may need to re-boot your linux to do each QTparted
operation but the only trouble I've seen using it
involves BSD slices, which are known to give frequent
trouble multi-booting anyway.
     The social policy around the Debian Repositories
gives them the edge over .rpm distributions. kaNOTix
comes with KLIK already installed and I get Flash from
that 2nd packaging system but need to get another
browser to view Yahoo.com acceptably. I didn't test
the repositories on the latest MEPIS but it comes with
working Flash and displays Yahoo fine in firefox or
konqueror. It was possible to install klik on a
previous MEPIS and I'm sure you can use it on Ubuntu
and knoppix but it is for new stuff. Some
distributions come with the programming tools you
mentioned but you, usually, can grab stuff from debian
repositories - they just changed some repository
characteristics so problems occur more often lately.

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