[conspire] the Ribs I brought to last cabal

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 01:24:16 PDT 2005

Smart and Final is having a labor day sale and the
pork ribs are $1.8 per pound min ~ 8lbs. + charcoal
and gatorade and some other stuff. I really can't
store that much meat safely but do still have a big
pot to do the pre barbeque boiling and this time we
can use Ross's Barbeque sauces IFf someone mails in
that they have it on the right Wednesday, so I can
prep the ribs on thursday and maybe marinate some of
them this time. Special thanks to rick for that great
Barbeque sauce last time.
     I'm grabbing new sources.list from
mepisnightcrew.org and hope I don't need it for the
latest simply MEPIS 3.3.2test3 but wonder about
repository entries for some of these older
distributions and the only time I tried the
'Debian-Unofficial' lines I got errors. Happy shopping
this weekend and is it the flea also, now moved to de
anza college in cupertino?

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