[conspire] Ubuntu/Digital Camera

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Sun Nov 27 10:20:18 PST 2005

I have Ubuntu/Kubuntu installed on my computer. For the first 2 months the digital camera stuff worked fine. Now it won't give me access to use it. I,ve used the control center to add my camera via usb which it picked up fine .Then when I try to test the camera or upload pictures it says it can't find the camera in the tree.
Also the gphoto2 can't read the cameras files either.How do I get permissions back or what ever?The usb works normal for the printer.
   The Kscd stopped working again. We edited the group
file to add me to media:/hdd. Now it says I don't have permissions to use it.
    On a different topic I'd like to get Netzero Isp to run on Ubuntu.Will Linspire software install on Ubuntu.That's the only distro that they support.
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