[conspire] Re: (somewhat OT) Epson (and other) inkjets

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Jul 25 16:13:37 PDT 2005

Eric De Mund writes:
>Thank you very much for pointing out the nefarious behavior Epson
>engages in in your email which could have sported the alternate title
>"games printers play" (a suitable sequel to Eric Berne, M.D.'s book
>"Games People Play"?). I appreciate your heads up on this disgusting
>little game. I had no idea; I will not be buying Epson products for
>myself or my clients any time soon.

Ditto.  I have an Epson inkjet that refuses to print.  It may just be
necessary to load the (Windows- and MacOS-based only) printer software
and tell it to clean itself that way, but the thing's been a pain in
the ass ever since I got it so it's on the way to the Surplus
Computers loading dock (free recycling!)

If anyone from here wants to give it a whack let me know.  I don't
think I have the CDROM it came with anymore, but the stuff is probably
available on their Web site or something.

I just bought a Samsung laser printer for $69 after rebate from Frys,
and so far am quite happy with it.  It even came with Linux drivers on
the CDROM (though it plays well with LPRng and presumably Cups so I
didn't bother).  I don't really need to print in color that often


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