[conspire] paid job for linux network creation and maintenance

Christian Einfeldtextra einfeldtextra at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 00:11:15 PDT 2005


I just wanted to let the wizards here know that there is a job
creating and installing and maintaining a Linux network that has been
advertised here at DIYparts.org:


Here is a website for that school:


This school is near my home, and I am willing to do the grunt work for
free to help this school move to open source.  Lots of the wizards on
this site have given lots to other people.  i would hope that me doing
some of the gopher grunt work would help a wizard here increase his /
her hourly pay on this job as a way of thanking said wizard for his /
her community contributions.  See ya.

Christian Einfeldt

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