[conspire] Note Second Floor Linuxworld Exhibits

Michael T. Halligan mhalligan at bitpusher.com
Thu Aug 11 11:27:22 PDT 2005

Not just the Free/OSS booths are up there.. While considering getting a 
this year, we found that the el-cheapo booths ($5k) got stuck in 
no-man's land.

GroundWorks (large contributors to the Nagios project, as well as 
developers of
a commercial network monitoring utility) and RadiantData (makers of the
replicated filesystem PeerFS) were hidden away up there, as well..

I'm not sure why they used this conference hall. It really is using up 
the same
amount of floor space as last year, this new conference hall is just 
quite a bit smaller
than the other two. At least the .org pavilian is prominent on the 2nd 
floor, with a nicer
setup than the traditional ugly, hospital-like curtains for booth 

This year has been the most corporate year yet.

Mark S Bilk wrote:
> All of the Linux/OSS community booths -- FSF, X.org, Debian, 
> Mozilla, EFF, etc., etc. -- are segregated together on the 
> second floor of the building.  If you just walk into the main 
> hall on the first floor, there's nothing to tell you that the 
> second floor stuff even exists.  I think most attendees didn't 
> know it; I only found out as I was leaving, when I happened to
> look up at a sign over the escalators.  This stinks -- removing
> from the main hall all the people and organizations who actually 
> created (and are still creating) Linux, and leaving (with a few
> exceptions) just the businesses who are selling it for money.
> Anyhow, if you're going on this last day, hit the second floor
> first.
>   Mark
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