[conspire] Note Second Floor Linuxworld Exhibits

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Fri Aug 12 21:21:00 PDT 2005

> floor, with a nicer
> setup than the traditional ugly, hospital-like curtains for booth 
> separation.
I agree.

> This year has been the most corporate year yet.

No, I thinf the year when there were so many Big Booths running raffles on
an announcer's setup that they were overlapping each other audibly was the
most corporate year yet.  

This is the year that booth randoms seemed to know what an OS was.

> >second floor of the building.  If you just walk into the main 
> >hall on the first floor, there's nothing to tell you that the 
> >second floor stuff even exists.

If you're already at that hall, sure, but I had the opposite impression.  
The escalator feet are near the entry doors, and even before I was clear
which direction one would go for pre-reg badges, I was wondering if all 
the event space other than badging was on the second floor.

I'd never been inside Moscone West yet, so it was as reasonable an
assumption as any.

> I think most attendees didn't 
> >know it; I only found out as I was leaving, when I happened to
> >look up at a sign over the escalators.  This stinks -- removing
> >from the main hall all the people and organizations who actually 
> >created (and are still creating) Linux, and leaving (with a few
> >exceptions) just the businesses who are selling it for money.

Segregation is segregation, no matter how they manage it.  

> >Anyhow, if you're going on this last day, hit the second floor
> >first.

Definitely;  the small talks were all up there too, and those are certain
to be more useful than a wad of press glossies if it's for a topic you care

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