[conspire] How not to muck up DNS & domain registration

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Thu Apr 14 00:03:07 PDT 2005

Rick Moen writes:
>Quoting William R Ward (bill at wards.net):
>> That took almost an hour to get through to the
>> mailing list and back to me.
>Let's try to figure that part out, by examining the Received headers on
>the copy of your earlier mail that arrived here and passed through the
>mailing list to me.  I'll rearrange the headers into chronological
>order, and snip some details that don't matter in this context:
>  Received: from bill by komodo.home.wards.net Wed, 13 Apr 2005 19:05:18
>This is your local MUA handing off to "komodo", as reported by "komodo",
>which might be your home Linux server.
>(There's a step apparently not recorded in a Received header, in which 
>your mail then goes to a comcast.net host.  Then:)
>  Received: from c-24-6-169-252.hsd1.ca.comcast.net by jeffk.com Wed, 13 Apr 2005 19:05:26
>This is your mail going from Comcast to some host elsewhere called
>"jeffk.com".  Notice we're still only 8 seconds from your MUA's handoff.
>  Received: from rdns. by linuxmafia.com Wed, 13 Apr 2005 19:46:03
>And here's where you lost 41 minutes:  My system didn't receive the mail
>from "jeffk.com" until 7:46 PM.  Why?  I have no idea.  You might need
>to figure out why your mail is being routed through "jeffk.com", and
>what that machine is doing with your mail for 2/3 of an hour.  ;->

Just to translate - jeffk.com is my smarthost, aka that communitycolo
address.  The comcast address is komodo.home.wards.net which is in
fact my home box that I send mail from.

>I'm not ignoring your request for help parsing that SPF RR:  The problem
>is that I keep forgetting how to interpret the blasted things, and have
>to go back and re-read the spf.pobox.com documentation.  Later!

OK.  But it sounds like that's not the problem.

Luckily I have root on jeffk.com and will see what I can unearth
there.  Thanks for doing what I should have done :)


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