[conspire] Penguin Day - Demysitify FLOSS for Nonprofits

Zachary Mutrux zmutrux at compumentor.org
Tue Apr 12 08:11:55 PDT 2005

Hi Rick and fellow conspirators,

Thanks for your note and your thoughts--what's on your mind is on my 
mind, too. I did send the Penguin Day announcement as my first post to 
the conspire list, and I know that's not particularly good form. So: 
sorry for that. I'm pleased to be on the list and I'm looking forward to 
continuing my participation in the larger Bay Area Linux community.*

Yes, there is a fee for the event. Sorry I didn't make a note of that. 
This is a nonprofit venture--nobody is getting rich off these 
events--but we do have expenses and regrettably a fee is necessary. 
We'll be sure to make a note of that in the future.

I agree with and respect your request for "some level of coordination" 
with the community. This message begins a new level of coordination. I 
would be delighted to hear suggestions for how to better coordinate with 
the community around events in the future. My ideas are pretty much 
limited to attending LUG meetings and making announcements in person, 
and looking for people interested in presenting. Anyone have other ideas?

I won't be participating in the planning for the upcoming event in NYC, 
but I will make sure that ideas for working with the local Linux 
community are passed on to Gunner and Katrin at Aspiration.

If I don't stop now and send this message I'll actually be late for 
Penguin Day, but expect a more personal introduction ere long.



*Just to clarify: the only other Linux list I posted this announcement 
to is balug-talk. I've been a member of that list for quite a while 
(months? a year?), although I'm not a regular contributor. Maybe posting 
this message to two lists makes me a spammer, but I sure hope not.

Zac Mutrux

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