[conspire] Penguin Day - Demysitify FLOSS for Nonprofits

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Apr 12 08:50:48 PDT 2005

Quoting Zachary Mutrux (zmutrux at compumentor.org):

> If I don't stop now and send this message I'll actually be late for 
> Penguin Day, but expect a more personal introduction ere long.

'Hope it goes well!

> *Just to clarify: the only other Linux list I posted this announcement 
> to is balug-talk. I've been a member of that list for quite a while 
> (months? a year?), although I'm not a regular contributor. Maybe posting 
> this message to two lists makes me a spammer, but I sure hope not.

I see that the message also went out on LUGO's vox-tech list -- but that
that was someone else's forward of your balug-talk post.  The same
happened on the desktoplinux.org Web forum.  Also, Erick Recinos-Rosas
did some similar posts that I may have confused with yours, and I
apparently spotted some of Katrin's posts on some Yahoo groups.  And I
saw another Web post, possibly yours, on http://opensource.sfsu.edu/ --
plus your Craig's List post.  Small world.  ;->

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