[conspire] news-to-mail gateway

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 28 11:08:47 PDT 2004

Quoting William R Ward (bill at wards.net):

> You could make the newsgroup moderated and set the mailing list
> address as the moderator address.

1.  I never wanted to have a moderated newsgroup.  I woulnd't
    particularly like that as either a participant or the moderator.
2.  I'm not sure how that would get posted articles over to the mailing 

> People still use newsgroups?  I thought Usenet was dead, thanks to all
> the spammers.

Regardless of whether that's correct, what makes you think all newgroups
are on Usenet?  This one very obviously isn't -- as is clearly stated on
the aforementioned Web pages.

> Well, you could do like I said above, and create a separate list and
> newsgroup to debug with.  Never debug in production.  :-)

I already have a "test" mailing list.  What I haven't had is adequate
time and expertise.  I've applied quantity N of each, and it apparently
requires N + M to fix.

> If you're too busy to fix it, that's fine - volunteer efforts are like
> that.  But don't leave a broken system up when there's an easy workaround.

1.  The cabal.conspire newsgroup isn't broken.  It works just fine.
2.  The mailing list isn't broken.  It works just fine.
3.  The list -> news gateway isn't broken.  It works just fine.
4.  The news -> list gateway has recently been broken.

I had thought I'd addressed the latter point by posting a news article
to the newsgroup.  Daniel tells me that I forgot.  Happily, he's now 
fixed this, courtesy of point #3, above.

You knew all that before your post, nicht wahr?

Meanwhile, all of this has obliged me to spend time making multiple 
redundant explanation, including of things more than adequately
described on the Web page -- despite the fact that I said I hadn't had
time to fully fix the original problem described.  This seems to me to
indicate a communications problem.  ;->  Oh well.

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