[conspire] wanna connect soon

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 12:27:36 PDT 2004

got my amlug cd 2 work despite gouge on bottom and
multi-booted in2 an arch distro last night, looks very
promising but need to avoid a daemontools bug and
update the install at > 2kbps with many disconnects,
ie my isp lately. 
     Also want 2 get the part/s that work best on my
os's working toghether, ie the latest foomatic not
just on my knoppix, the sound stuff working beyond
just my mandrake, OOo 1.1.1 on my linux'es as on my
w98 and arch looks like its pacman system handles apps
well. Mandrake seems 2 handle permissions best. Reiser
on Yoper flawlessly reproduces the aftermath of a k
browser crash on boot, hopefully an update will clear
that out but lo priority. 
     Hey, does Ross or someone live here in sunnyvale.
Happy Geeking, Bruce

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