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> This looks like fun. I have vague ideas on making home videos on "how to
> build a house", "how to fix cars" and how  to find work in Accra for
> village youth leaving rural village homes and subsistence (no money)
> farms. These will be transmitted by CDs in towns that have electricity
> and across the net where there are physical phone lines in rural Ghana.
> I want to be sure to be there.  I hope that this happens at the next
> Linux Mafia installafest, what 9/14/4? These videos will also be
> interactively narrated in Ga, Twi, Hausa, and what ever other languages
> (total 52 in Ghana) that may be spoken in addition to English by skilled
> artisans that we can bring before our camera. This will also benefit
> folks in California who may want coaching either in concrete block house
> construction or in the African languages.
yeah.... right. And it might even be wacko enough for inclusion in that
filming project of Christian's, why not?
He looks for all kinds of wacko stuff beyond Linux.
Talk to him, use your Ga, Twi, or Hausa language for a fuller effect.

"Good girls run Linux. Bad girls run everywhere."

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