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george pope gpope at pcmagic.net
Wed Jul 21 21:34:23 PDT 2004

This looks like fun. I have vague ideas on making home videos on "how to 
build a house", "how to fix cars" and how  to find work in Accra for 
village youth leaving rural village homes and subsistence (no money) 
farms. These will be transmitted by CDs in towns that have electricity 
and across the net where there are physical phone lines in rural Ghana. 
I want to be sure to be there.  I hope that this happens at the next 
Linux Mafia installafest, what 9/14/4? These videos will also be 
interactively narrated in Ga, Twi, Hausa, and what ever other languages 
(total 52 in Ghana) that may be spoken in addition to English by skilled 
artisans that we can bring before our camera. This will also benefit 
folks in California who may want coaching either in concrete block house 
construction or in the African languages.

george pope

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>Subject: [conspire] Intro
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>Hi Folks,
>I use SuSE Pro 9.1 in my law practice in SF.  I like it so much, I 
>decided to do another film ala Revolution OS and The Code.  Our 
>film will be called "The Digital Tipping Point: The Culture of 
>Freedom in Cyberspace", or just DTP for short.  
>We want to film lots of people doing lots of STUFF with FLOSS.  Any 
>wacko kind of business, activity, cabal meeting, install fest, bug 
>squashing party is fine.  
>Caveat:  I'm a GUI dependent simple end user, so please don't throw 
>lots of </wacko stuff/ in [weird brackets]> at me because it'll go 
>over my head.  
>We have about 100 hours of film, including the international pop 
>music star and now Brazilian Cultural Minister Gilberto Gil; Brian 
>Behlendorf; etc, etc.
>Our film will be a little different from Revolution OS because we 
>are looking to make this film fun for Joe Sixpack, who is my best 
>friend and regular drinking buddy.  If he don't "get it" then I'm  
>gonna drown myself in a vat of beer.  
>So let's get a little wacko and wild.  Let's show'em FLOSS can do 
>audio, video, games, converged devices, home entertainment hubs, 
>TiVo, and all the rest of it, as well as the usually OOo type of 
>stuff, too.  
>Thanks for being there!
>Christian Einfeldt
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