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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 20:22:56 -0700
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Subject: Re: things, wanna old, smaller mon.

Quoting bruce coston (jane_ikari at yahoo.com):

> old monitor, dell, <17", good 4smaller kitchen tables, reports indicate it is 'working' but needs occasional thump and/or cord jiggling, on Bernardo 1 house down from parkington, near cherry chase shopping center in sunnyvale.


Hi, Bruce!

You might want to post that to the CABAL mailing list, "conspire".  For
one thing, that way Heather will see your remarks thanking her, rather
than just me seeing them.

I see that you're already on that mailing list, so you can just post it
directly to "conspire at linuxmafia.com".
> No Thanks 2 whoever refused to let me get the 999 megs of swap i
> wanted for linux's on my drive, 127m is too little for Yoper and i
> wanna try Yoper....

Oops, that might have been me, since I generally advise people that
_rarely_ does someone need a huge amount of swap.  (On the other hand, I
would never "refuse to let" someone use more; I just try to describe the
situations where such would be needed, and let the user decide.

Um, since Yoper is just a RH-derivative with 686 optimisation, I can't
imagine why it would need more swap than any other Linux distribution.

Anyhow, there are a number of utilities that claim to be able to resize
a native-Linux filesystem.  I mention a bunch of them here:

You could use one of those to shrink one or more of your existing Linux
filesystems (without deleting and recreating the filesystems), allowing
you to then create additional swap space in the now-available storage.
The Linux kernel swapper process has no problem handling multiple swap

Personally, I wouldn't use one of those utilities, but rather would (1)
boot a Linux maintenance disk (a Tom's Root/Boot floppy, an LNX-BBC, a
Knoppix CD, etc.), (2) copy the entire filesystem (to be resized) across
the LAN to a second Linux machine, for safekeeping, and then (3) blow
away the partition to be resized, create it in smaller dimensions, and
copy the data back across the LAN.

Methods for copying data are described here:  "Copying Directory Trees"
on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Admin 

> Is there a free VM i could use to make this easier and
> would it make it easier since it would pretend to be a sound blaster
> vs my opti929sound blaster almost compatible to the os's etc. but i'd
> probably lose some accuracy.

By "free VM" do you mean an x86-emulation environment, sort of like
VMware except open source?  In that case, you might be looking for
User-Mode Linux, which allows you to do Linux-on-Linux things very
nicely.  Won't let you do other-OSes-on-Linux, though.  

FYI, I'm going to forward this reply to "conspire".  (You should post
your original there, too, but that's your call.)  Stuff should go to the
group as a whole, and not just to me privately -- unless you actually
intend to talk to me privately for some reason.

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