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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 00:52:10 PDT 2004

No, your behavior was fine Rick. 
   Suppossedly that old monitor had just been working before going outside 2 nights ago at bernardo and parkington, i think it just missed the rain and its smaller than what weve been using on ricks table but i wont grab it since i can't store it; unless someone tells me to.
    as for the rest of my message, sorry about sending 2wrong place but i didn't save original message and can't post it here.
   somewhere on the Yoper site they asked for 500m swap, i figured they might not need it since they seem a modified Red Hat but maybe they do and the bit about debugging a hex dump occasionally means you do want more swap than ram. somewhere i saw recommendation for 1024m swap as a new general number but i plan on less than that, for someone even newer than me choosing a window environment i've looked and like what i see and read about Kahakai as it seems 2b a 50% bigger fluxbox that accomodates the gnome stuff better. Since my box beats a 166 pentium by lots, i ccan host more wm/gui than fluxbox but often just the Kde stuff should give good readable results, it seems to want more resources than the others and lots of other mangers exist with their own charms.[the fancy transparent alpha blending, skinning etc. seemed to help readability not! other users of this box suffers impaired eyesight so while i still want the fancy stuff, i won't use it much, the python scripting made the
 final difference 4me and we'll see how it goes in practice for this ex-Amigan ,  / amigoid.]
   Motherboards: HEATHER told me she could use a 386 w maths co. type m/b and i may have found a donor, try http://us.f608.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?&To=davesrpg-owner@yahoogroups.com
hope thats the right guy, my old m/b is a 486 at w/o cache chips or is that ram in dip slots, hope not, that would b really old.

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